New Day. New World. New Challenge.

While it remains open for debate on whether the world changed over night.  I feel that it has changed for me.

I am confronted with the reality that:

  • My life is what I make of it.
  • Everyone doesn’t think the same.
  • Life is full of steps forward and steps back.

Today, like every other day, I have freedom of choice.  It is my right and responsibility to afford myself the best possible life experience available, and in my world that means committing to continued growth, expansion, improvement and experience.

I was speaking to someone yesterday whom I haven’t talked to in a few years.  It was a long distance conversation, but when the person said I sounded different I was a little taken aback.  While I was aware of the changes in my thinking, I didn’t think it would be so evident to those around me.  I was shocked and excited by what my friend said because I feel I have embraced change for the better.

I feel that way today.  Don’t get me wrong, I spent the first 5 hours …ok 6 hours of today wrapped up reading, watching and talking about the U.S. Election.  After getting my fill of all the excitement and speculation, I realized I’d loss precious time for working on my goals.  Time I could never reclaim or make up.

It was at that moment I had to step back and reflect on where I placed my attention and how the outcomes of the election would define me and my life experience.    Like so many other people, my senses were tantalized by the sensation of everything.  I sat glued to the TV while my time based goals remained unattained.  My financial goals and ambitions still unreached.  My visions for the world remained a dream.

After a 30 minute walk, I decided to get back to my goals and work on building the future I want for the future.  I will not hide from my dreams or be beat down by how others interpret yesterday’s events.

Instead I will push on and work to be a greater version of myself today and in the future.

I reactivated this site to enable you to join my on my journey to become a better, stronger, more capable Mobile Web Developer.  I hope this site will serve as an inspiration for those seeking the means to find financial, social and geographic freedom in this new world.

So without further ado…lets get to coding people.




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