Pressing On Towards My Goals

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Based on the updates to my blog, you would think I’ve been doing nothing for the past three months, but that isn’t the truth.  In all actuality, I took a month break in December to spend time with family and then I got side-tracked with job hunting, moving, and life.

When I returned from vacation, I immediately started working on strengthening my coding skills by doing courses at CodeSchool.  I got the hairbrained idea to start a vlog to share my experiences as I work through the FreeCodeCamp exercises.  Then for some reason, I thought it was uber important to focus my energies on finding a JavaScript job.  What motivated me in this direction was the fact that there were so many jobs for me to apply for and doing job applications consumed my entire day.

The whole job hunting activity ended up being a massive waste of time and a big blow to my ego as I was turned down time and time again for jobs I was eager to land.  My skills were not sharp enough and preparing for interviews was an emotionally taxing and stressful exercise.  I had so many fears regarding if I could meet and exceed the Employers expectations in the interview, and then on the job.  The whole exercise was very tiring.

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Throughout March I’ve been feeling really beat up.  A lot has happened that has shaken my self-confidence.  I hate to say it but I have felt more like giving up than pressing on.  Things kept happening in my personal life that left me feeling taken advantage of, disrespected, defeated and overwhelmed.  My feelings of self-worth were impacted, and all I could think about was the negative stuff.  I couldn’t find the energy to press on towards my dream life.  I cried a lot and allowed myself to feel defeated.

This blog isn’t about my personal life; however, in our pursuit of our dreams, we have to start where we are.  Every great achievement begins with the first step.  I’m happy to say that I’m back on the high road and working at putting one foot in front of the other as I pursue my dream to be a Senior JavaScript developer.

Today was the first day in months that I’ve coded in JavaScript, and it felt good.  It took me a few hours to break through the cobwebs and brain fog.  After finishing my first Pomodoro cycle, I can say I am excited about pursuing my goals.  

When life hands you a bag of rocks it can be hard to press on.  It seems easier to give up, but setting a habit of giving up only does more damage.  My experience has shown me that I benefit by allowing myself time to grieve, sulk, have a small tantrum but in the end, I’m happiest when I continue on the path that leads me to my dreams.  In the beginning, taking those first few steps is hard.  Restarting is hard, but my confidence, happiness, and joy return as I press on.

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I hope you will join me on my journey to learn JavaScript.  I can’t wait to see where it takes us! Join my mailing list and gain access to great information and tools I’ve found that super-charge my learning.


Sincerely,  George