“You’re George?!” Many people are stunned when they see my picture. I am often asked, “Is that you?” The truth is, that is me. I’ve enjoyed a successful career as a computer software engineer, and during that time, my name has served me well. While working in a male dominated field, plagued with too many emails, people just assumed I was a guy. My name and their assumption allowed me to get more work done faster because I wasn’t bombarded with silly questions geared at testing my skill. Instead, I was accepted FIRST for my competence and efficiency at completing tasks, then my style, grace, and good looks 😉

One day 20,000 XRP will be life changing. ~ Vincent Wilson

After watching from the wings, I am ready to become an active member of the #XRPCommunity. I hope to help build awareness in my community about Ripple and XRP.

In my day job, I work as a JavaScript developer building Enterprise software for a megaCorp. In my off-hours I am emersed in the blockchain community.

Throughout my career, the majority of that time has been spent consulting to large US corporations and conglomerates. I’ve worked as a Project Manager, Business Process Engineer, Business Analyst, Systems Analyst, Software Developer, Performance Tuner, Tier 1 Technical Support Supervisor, System Administrator, Executive Relationship Manager and Quality Assurance Specialist.

Lucky for me, I’ve been blessed to work in Information Technology since the 90s, so the innovative progress I see Ripple Labs and other projects making in the blockchain space seem “normal” and right on time.

I love to collaborate with individuals interested in making complex, dynamic and scalable solutions easy to understand!

Many thanks for reading about me, I wish you every success in life.


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