“You’re George?!” Many people are stunned when they see my picture. I am often asked, “Is that you?” The truth is, that is me. I’ve enjoyed a successful career as a computer software engineer, and during that time, my name has served me well. While working in a male dominated field, plagued with too many emails, people just assumed I was a guy. My name and their assumption allowed me to get more work done faster because I wasn’t bombarded with silly questions geared at testing my skill. Instead, I was accepted FIRST for my competence and efficiency at completing tasks, then my style, grace, and good looks 😉

Today my passion for technology has focused on re-tooling myself into a Senior Full-Stack JavaScript Developer. I love to collaborate with individuals interested in making complex, dynamic and scalable open-source solutions WORK!

Check out my 6 Weeks & A Day vLog series to join me on my journey to become a JavaScript Developer AND find a remote job contributing code to a great project. It’s my goal to help people with no software development skills become software developers. I will share information about the resources and tools I’m using to master the skills necessary to find a job as a coder.

It brings me great joy to see others succeed. I find real bliss helping businesses and individuals leverage computers, technology, and knowledge to build success.

I love IT, Mobile communication, the Web, Process, and Success. Lucky for me, I’ve been blessed to work in Information Technology since 1996. The majority of that time has been spent consulting to large US corporations and conglomerates. I’ve worked as a Project Manager, Business Process Engineer, Business Analyst, Systems Analyst, Software Developer, Performance Tuner, Tier 1 Technical Support Supervisor, Project Manager, System Administrator, Executive Relationship Manager and Quality Assurance Specialist. After over 10 years of implementing LARGE successful computer solutions, I have finally branched out on my own.

If there is any way I can be of service to you, please contact me using my details below. Many thanks for reading about me, I wish you every success in life.